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Income Tax and Social Insurance system in Gibraltar

Property and Money

The currency in Gibraltar is the Gibraltar Pound.  The British Pound and the Euro are also accepted here.  The British Pound has the same value in Gibraltar as the Gibraltar Pound, but beware, as the Gibraltar Pound does not have the same value as the British Pound in the UK.  Euros are accepted in Gibraltar, but you are better off using the Pound.

The price of property has been steadily rising in Gibraltar.  Special tax incentives are available for individuals buying residential property in Gibraltar.  There are many Real Estate and Letting Agents in Gibraltar.

If you are thinking about moving to Spain and working in Gibraltar, La Linea, Campamento, Santa Margarita and San Roque are all easily accessible to Gibraltar by the local Spanish bus system, with buses running as frequently as every fifteen minutes.  If you would like to live further out, or have your own transport, other areas to consider are Alcaidesa, Duquesa, Sotogrande, Sabinillas and Estepona.

Border Queue information

We do advise people to drive to the border in Spain, and park in La Linea and walk across the border.

If you live in Spain and drive in to Gibraltar on a daily basis, you will quite often find yourself in stationary traffic locally known as the border queue.    If you would like to find out how long the border queue is, before you leave work in Gibraltar, please contact 00 350 200 42777

Living in Gibraltar

There is no VAT charged in Gibraltar. Interest is fully allowable on mortgages in Gibraltar, and property in Spain is cheaper than in the UK

There are frequent flights to and from Gatwick, Heathrow, Liverpool, Luton and Manchester from Gibraltar. Gibraltar is 2 ½ hours flying time from London and three hours to Manchester.   Malaga airport is less than an hour and a half drive from Gibraltar and is easily accessible by car.

Gibraltar Hospital & Healthcare

Information on Gibraltar Health Authority.
Gibraltar Health

If you are living in Spain, and working in Gibraltar, you are entitled to free healthcare at Gibraltar’s Primary Care Centre in the ICC building in Gibraltar.

Emergency Services

You may go through your life with absolutely no emergencies what so ever, if you do you are lucky. However you should always be prepared in case of medical or other emergencies.

  • Police                    199 or 112
  • Ambulance          190
  • Fire Brigade        190



112 – This is one number here in Spain you should memorise. This is the Spanish Emergency Services telephone number. Whether you are on Holiday in Spain or have moved to Spain, you must remember to dial 112 to summons the Fire Brigade, Ambulance or Police – Only in an Emergency. If you do need to speak to Police regarding other non urgent matters, you must call your local stations direct

  • To report a crime (denuncia) eg robbery, assault – 902 102 112
  • Guardia Civil – 062
  • Local Police – 091
  • National Police – 092

Gibraltar Government

Information on Gibraltar, from business & finance to holidays.
Gibraltar Government

Gibraltar schooling is exactly the same as the UK, so children benefit from GCSE’s and A Levels.  You must be a Gibraltar resident to send your child to a school in Gibraltar.  There are no universities in Gibraltar, so all students wishing to continue with further education, must study abroad.  The Gibraltar government does operate a scholarship/grant system to help with this if you choose to study in the UK.

Car Hire

Well priced car hire based just 5 minutes from the border with Spain.
Auriga Crown

British Consulate in Malaga

Contact details and information for the British Consulate in Malaga, Spain.
British Consulate, Malaga