The Apprentice

Helping tomorrow’s workforce, today

Through our work recruiting for the varied industries in Gibraltar, we regularly come into contact with youngsters looking for their all-important first step on the career ladder – and are unable to help them. After all, no company is going to pay an agency to find someone with little or no work experience. We had a think about how we could actually help and at the same time give something back to the community, without damaging our core business. As a large part of our business is marketing via our website, mailings and the various social media it seems sensible to piggy-back on these activities.

What is it then?

A FREE advertising platform where any company or organisation in Gibraltar can post a vacancy so long as they are not looking for previous work experience as part of the criteria. We will send it in newsletter form to our entire database, as nearly everyone knows someone who is looking for their first job, and share it through our social media; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It will also be visible under the Apprentice button on our website. While it is supported by us, we will not be involved in the recruitment process at all and will not be vetting CVs. The candidates will apply directly to you.


Traditional advertising for these kind of roles can be haphazard and only reach a limited number of potential employees, and there is expense involved. Word of mouth recruitment can often work but may not find the person who is really interested in your industry and the role you have.

The youth of today are the workforce of tomorrow, and we should do whatever we can to help that happen!

Can I advertise any role? Absolutely.

So long as it is legal, paying at least minimum wage, and requires no previous work experience. It could be for an intern during university vacations, an office junior, a vocational apprentice, or a trainee of any description in any field.

How do I use it?

Simply email your requirement with details of who the applicants should contact to and we will load it onto the newsletter which will be sent out on a weekly basis. As we will not be involved in the recruitment process we would appreciate your letting us know when the vacancy is filled so we can remove it from the newsletter, and it would also be nice to know if it is successful!

Do I need to be a First Choice Recruitment client? No!

This is about getting young people into the workplace and is available to use by every company and organisation in Gibraltar.

Any questions?

Just call or email the office and one of us will be happy to respond.