About Gibraltar

Gibraltar has stood guard over the western Mediterranean for thousands of years, with its unique position making it the focus of a continuous struggle for power. This spectacular rock, covering a land area of about six square kilometres, is situated at the southern tip of Spain overlooking the strait to Africa and is known as the Meeting Place of Continents

Gibraltar is approximately two and a half hours by air from the UK and has on average 300 days of sunshine each year. With English being the predominant language spoken here; Gibraltar is an obvious choice for relocation.

If you wish to work in Gibraltar there are several key sectors including online gaming, accountancy and banking and Trusts along with all the various legal and IT services that these require.

Gibraltar has a population of around 30,000 people.  Around 18,000 people are currently employed in Gibraltar.  These figures consist of locals and frontier workers.  Many foreign workers live just across the border in Spain and work in Gibraltar, enabling them to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle at home, and crossing the border to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Gibraltar’s commercial industry.

Gibraltar mirrors the UK system in that you will not normally be dismissed without being given the legally required notice and pay off, in accordance with your contract. This rather obvious professional courtesy is often ignored in Spain, leading to many a story of poor treatment, particularly amongst expatriates.

The process of relocating to Gibraltar need not be a big problem.  With a number of companies assisting financially the relocation process can be as simple and hassle free.  There are many services to assist you with your relocation to Gibraltar.  These included sourcing accommodation to pet relocation.

In order for you to secure employment in Gibraltar, you will need to be available for interview, have a Gibraltarian or Spanish address and ensure that you do enjoy living in the Med, as your job will probably be permanent.  First Choice Temps interview every candidate face to face before we send them to an interview, so that we have met you and can make sure that you are a right fit to the role in every way.  If you are not living in Gibraltar, then we are unable to interview you face to face, so we would wait until you had relocated.  Some companies will fly you over subsequent to a phone screening but this tends to be for the more senior roles so cater financially for the fact that you may have to pay to come over.

Before relocating, you may wish to take a few days holiday and come over to see if the Mediterranean lifestyle meets your expectations.  You will then be able to register with agencies and may even be able to attend a few interviews while you are here. Many people find it easier to secure employment once they are based here, however the interview process in Gibraltar is very slow.

Salaries and working in Gibraltar

The working hours in Gibraltar are very similar to those of the UK, varying from 8am – 6pm.  Some company’s work ‘summer hours’ during July and August and finish at 3.30pm each day.  The gaming companies in Gibraltar operate a 24/7 365 day a year working rota.  So if you would like to get into the gaming industry, be prepared to work shifts.

Average salaries in Gibraltar are typically 15% to 20% lower then in the UK for standard positions such as secretarial and administration, paying c£12k – c£17k with a PA taking up to £25k. Specifically skilled roles command higher salaries and often match those of the UK. The gaming industry pays c£18k at entry level and will also pay shift allowance and bonus’s.